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Erica Duzan, July 17, 2017:
So proud of this girl right here! National title winner and highest scoring for the whole competition!! You will "Rise Up" and go places kid!!! Love you!! — feeling proud with Alison Wright.

Linda Roos Geary: Awesome Ally!! ...not surprised, you really stood out this year. I enjoyed watching you dance!


February 15, 2017

Congrats Erica!
Parents voted and Erica's Dance Academy has been named one of Hulafrog’s Most Loved businesses of 2017! Yesterday our newsletter went out to parents in the community announcing the Most Loved Award winners for each category. What's more, you get a badge, a certificate and other materials to promote that you've won! We're giving you access to our password-protected Winner's Page where you can download your promotional swag.

Visit it Here.

Password: MostLovedWinner2017

Your local editor will also be reaching out to you to share the good news and answer any questions you may have.

Thanks for all that you do for families in our community!

The Hulafrog Team


11.29.2016 - Alexa Hashem recently competed at the International Dance Organization World Championships, a.k.a. the "Dance Olympics" held in Germany this past November. "My age division was 16 to 29 and I was the youngest one there said Alexa. I ended up being 17th in worlds for the modern division. I was one of the 25 who made it past round one, then for round two they picked 14 and I was number 17".

Check this out by reading the article at the following link. Click HERE.




2.27.2015: Letter from HulaFrog . . .
Tia Quinn, Publisher.

" Congratulations, Erica's Dance Academy was Hulafrog’s Most Loved Dance School of 2015!! We are so excited for you, and thank you for participating in our Most Loved Awards for 2015".

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