Our Competition Program


Our Competition Program is designed for dancers who are looking to dedicate their energy, enthusiasm and hard work to our team. This program is designed to develop a more distinct technique in all styles of dance, with ballet being the main foundation, at a faster pace, and to prepare Dancers for the professional world of dance. Dancers are placed in this program by audition or teacher recommendation only. Routines are learned in some classes and will be performed at various competitions and events, including recital. Additional routines done outside of class time are subject to choreography fees. Attendance is strictly enforced and monitored. Students are recommended to take as many classes as possible above and beyond their required classes to enhance their overall training. 


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Required Classes

Competition Team Dancers are required to take specific styles of dance to enhance their overall training. Acro, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Jumps & Turns and Production class.

It is always suggested to take all styles of dance offered to have a more comprehensive training but not required. 


The competition team participates in 3 regional competitions a season.  All dancers on the team are required to participate in ALL Regional & National competitions.  The Competition schedule is released at the beginning of the season.


Pre-Competition:      $135 (4 classes)

Mini Competition:     $165 (5 classes)

Junior Competition: $210 (Unlimited)

Teen Competition:    $210 (Unlimited)

Senior Competition: $210 (Unlimited)